Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Celebrating fans covered Joel Quenneville's house with toilet paper

Chicago tradition, fans teepee Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville's house.
About 150 people showed up outside Coach Joel Quenneville's Hinsdale home Monday night to celebrate the Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup championship.

This man’s reaction to Blackhawks win is the best we’ve heard

This is easily the best 15-second interview you’ll see today. 
While WGN was live on TV Monday night during their coverage of the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup win, Marcus Leshock approached a man as he walked down the street. “How about that? How you feeling today?” Leshock asked. “You’re live on the air,”Leshock reminded him before handing over the microphone. “You know how awesome the ‘Hawks are? ” the man asked Leshock. “This is going to sound messed up, but it’s true. They’ve got black people loving hockey. Ain’t that something?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

NHL 16 | Official E3 Gameplay Trailer

Built with more input from our fans than ever before, NHL 16 steps onto the ice to deliver new features across the most played single player and team modes, including a reimagined EA SPORTS Hockey League. Combined with new gameplay balance and innovation at every position and an unrivalled game day authenticity, NHL 16 puts you into the heart of a team, where you play together and win together. NHL 16 will be available on September 15 in North America and on September 17 in Europe for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

24/7 Picaroons Hockey - Episode 3: Every League Needs Their Gordie Howe

The end of the season is fast approaching and the Picaroons Winter Warmers are fighting for that last playoff spot. Team veterans Matt Stairs and Andy Hashey bring a wealth of leadership & experience to the dressing room. With the season on the line, the boys reflect on just how great it is having “The Professional Hitter” and a “Beer League Legend” on the team.

24/7 Picaroons Hockey Episode 2 - WE NEED A KEG PARTY

The Picaroons Winter Warmers have started the season strong and find themselves in uncharted territory - first place. However, the month of November brings an end to the good times. An injury to Peter Boyd, and the loss of a few recruits, leads to a total of 1 win and 7 losses. In an effort to right the ship the team looks to its veteran players for guidance. They all agreed, "WE NEED A KEG PARTY!"

24/7 "Pretty Close to Game Shape" Episode 1 - Picaroons

Another season of Cap City hockey is set to begin for the Picaroons Winter Warmers. Last year's failure to make the playoffs led to the acquisition of some new recruits to shake things up. Despite these changes, veteran players Ryan Hamilton and Shaun Ells know that summers can be hard on physical fitness, but they expect everyone will be 'pretty close the game shape'!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Top 10 Bloopers of the 2014-15 NHL Season

The best bloopers of the 2014-15 NHL Season! A top 10 countdown of the funniest moments of 2014-15!

"Name" - 2015 Stanley Cup Final TV Spot

What's in a name? Who will be engraved and immortalized on the Stanley Cup? Narrated by acclaimed actor and hockey fan Liev Schreiber.