Friday, February 27, 2015

Cardiff Devils Goal of the year by Chris Culligan

In a tense game between Challenge Cup rivals Cardiff and Coventry Blaze, Devils forward Chris Culligan receives a flip pass and breaks for the Blaze goal with defenceman Craig Cescon pressuring hard. Despite this Culligan manages to retain control of the puck, drag it across the crease while on his knees and finally scoop it into the net whilst completely flat on the ice. Devils went on the win the game and progress to the Final.

Corey Tropp with an amazing disallowed goal

Peter Forsberg tribute at the MODO Hockey game in Sweden

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Road to the NHL Stadium Series - Episode 4

Follow the Los Angeles Kings and the San Jose Sharks on their road to the NHL Stadium Series in this behind the scenes, all access, four-part series.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Video, jonka Pittsburgh Penguins (@penguins) julkaisi

Sidney Crosby surprises Little Penguins members

Members of Sidney Crosby's Little Penguins Learn to Play program were selected to watch the team practice and to skate on the ice at Consol Energy Center.

Kids React To Old Hockey Equipment - Part 2

A new generation of hockey players has grown up with some of the most advanced technology the game has ever seen. Many of them have never seen some incredible artifacts that previous generations associated with the game.

Ference Touched by Story of 5 year Old Fan

While playing for the Boston Bruins in 2013, Andrew Ference learned of a little girl who was coming to watch his team play. The five-year old child was battling a life-threatening disease and Ference was touched by her story.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Road To The NHL Stadium Series - Episode 3

Follow the Los Angeles Kings and the San Jose Sharks on their road to the NHL Stadium Series in this behind the scenes, all access, four-part series.

Blackhawks help make a young fan's dreams come true

Kuva, jonka Chicago Blackhawks (Official) (@nhlblackhawks) julkaisi

Kuva, jonka Chicago Blackhawks (Official) (@nhlblackhawks) julkaisi

Kuva, jonka Chicago Blackhawks (Official) (@nhlblackhawks) julkaisi

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Linesman finds himself in the Kings bench

After a puck battle along the boards, a linesman sitting in front of the Los Angeles Kings bench goes overboard and lands inside with the players.

Perron borrows Hjalmarsson’s stick to avoid high sticking call.

Pittsburgh Penguins forward David Perron unsuccessfully tries to borrow a Blackhawks’ stick to avoid the play being stopped for a high sticking call.

Petrovic misses check and flips over boards

Florida Panthers defenseman Alex Petrovic misses a check and flips over the boards nearly taking out analyst Bill Lindsay.

Amazing shootout by Petr Kafka (Slovak League)

How To Be A Hockey Player

Step #1: Buy skates and learn how to use them. More importantly, learn how to stop. Nobody wants to be that guy who can’t turn around every time the puck changes direction.
Step #2: Buy the most ridiculously expensive stick you can find. Don’t worry about breaking it, there’s a limited warranty for a reason.
Step #3: Now buy the rest of your pads and equipment and enjoy the fresh smell of new gear which will last for about 5 seconds after you put it on.

Step #4: Know what kind of hockey player you are:
  • The Dangler
  • The Sniper
  • The Goon
  • The Girl
  • The Soccer Player
  • The Rookie
  • The One With Too Much Team Spirit
Step #5: It’s called Beer League for a reason, there’s no bad time for a beer.
Enjoy a beer in the changeroom, on the bench, on the ice and between whistles.
Step #6: However, use caution and avoid becoming the one who is often belligerently drunk.
Step #7: Learn basic hockey player jargon such as the following: dangles, snipes, celly, flow, beaut, chirp, twig, wheel, chel, bender, dusty, clapper, bar south, dusty, gino, apple.
Step #8: Practice makes perfect! Mess up your garage door by practicing your shots every day.
Step #9: Always talk about the time you played Junior B.
Step #10: Remember the story behind every battle scar, missing tooth and injury so you can tell all your friends!

Step #11: Find ways to entertain yourself while you aren’t playing such as recreating classic games on NHL 14 or gluing your eyes to the TV every time there is a game on.
Step #12: Remember, the post game shower never gets rid of the stench. There is no such thing as too many showers.
Step #13: Learn how to pronounce difficult NHL player names such as the following: “Dustin Byfuglien, Branko Radivojevic, Krzysztof Oliwa, cal clutterbuck, Steve Yzerman, Pekka Rinne and Alexander Semin”.
Step #14: Call your jersey a “sweater”; wear it with pride, baby it, and wear it everywhere.
Step #15: Methodically watch the zamboni driver clean the ice between periods.
Step #16: Learn how to prank the rookies. Classic gags include putting sock tape on the bottom of their skates, or unscrewing the cap of their water bottle.
Step #17: Get comfortable with teammates slapping your butt. Nothing says 'good job' like another man’s hand on your ass.
Step #18: Get used to accidently walking on the ice with your skate guards still on.
Step #19: Learn how to chirp.
Step #20: Know how to efficiently identify the biggest douche on the ice: the guy with the tinted visor.
Step #21: Many hockey players require extra dental work. To save time and expenses, become your own dentist.
Step #22: Always forget your roll of hockey tape at home, then pester your teammates to borrow theirs.
Step #23: Learn how to deal with tape after games. By being environmentally friendly or by practicing your free throws.
Step #24: Refer to every goal as a “beaut”.
Step #25: Dedicate yourself to maintaining your “flow”. Remember, it’s a part of you.
Step #26: Nothing is ever your fault. Blame everything on the refs -- it was probably their fault anyway.
Step #27: Learn how to pick up chicks, or as hockey players like to call it “wheeling broads”.
Step #28: Figure out a way to deal with your car stench by either 1. Apologizing to everyone who gets in your car 2. Straight denial 3. Or multiple air fresheners.
Step #29: Get used to wearing wet gear. But don’t forget to take it out of the car on those cold winter nights. Nobody wants to thaw out a jock strap.
Step #30: And finally, remember hockey is all about having fun, meeting new people and sportsmanship!

Russian Bear Plays Hockey at Intermission

This Russian circus bear plays hockey during an intermission at a hockey game!

Chilliwack vs Surrey. Hit on Ref from Behind

In a BCHL game between the Chilliwack Chiefs and the Surrey Eagles on Saturday night, Surrey D Latrell Charleson appears to dangerously body check the referee from behind near the boards.

Raffi writes a poem for Alex Biega

Saturday, February 14, 2015

PK Subban Getting Hugged Into Submission is the Best NHL15 Glitch

Rick Nash Selfie? Rick Nash Selfie!

A lucky fan gets a selfie with New York Rangers All-Star forward Rick Nash.

Steven Stamkos - BAUER SUPREME TOTALONE MX3 Stick: MX3 Break Stuff Challenge

From the field to the ice, what can Steven Stamkos destroy with the power of his #MX3 stick?

The Islanders try out a new defensive zone strategy.

NHLers Brent Burns and Bobby Ryan’s epic mini-stick battle is a hilarious blast from the past

The Ottawa Senators’ Bobby Ryan and the San Jose Sharks’ Brent Burns discover whose hockey skills are. The catch? They had to use mini-sticks.

NHLer Ryan Suter takes part-time job as sports broadcaster

After NHLer Ryan Suter lost a fruit-sniping face-off to Edmonton’s Nugent-Hopkins, Suter had to do something a little out of character. Hint: it involved three stars and the arena’s loudspeaker.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Dan Sexton with Best Supporting Actor & Dive of the year candidate in KHL

HC Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk forward Evgeny Timkin received two-minute penalty for a "foul" on Dan Sexton.

Save Pond Hockey - #HockeyLife

Hockeytutorial travel to Helsinki, Finland to raise awareness of the climate change which puts pond hockey at risk. Help us Save Pond Hockey for the next generation of hockey players.

Seguin and Benn's Valentine’s Day Prank

Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn (Dallas Stars) call their moms to announce they will propose to their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day. This is a prank. Both men are single. There are several layers to the prank including a puppy and asking their moms for “grandma’s ring”. Reactions are priceless.

Who can snipe fruit faster? Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Ryan Suter discover who’s the prince of produce

Minnesota’s Ryan Suter. Edmonton’s Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Two nets full of fruit. All the ingredients for a hilarious competition. Which NHLer is #payWaveFast? You gotta watch to know. The loser’s consequence? Let’s just say he wasn’t very happy about it.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kids React To Old Hockey Equipment

A new generation of hockey players has grown up with some of the most advanced technology the game has ever seen. Many of them have never seen some incredible artifacts that previous generations associated with the game.

NHLers Pick Their Ideal Valentine's Day Celebrity Date

In the latest installment of 'Puck Personality' NHL players pick their ideal celebrity Valentine's Day date.

Montreal Canadiens Prospect Nikita Scherbak Amazing Goal

Nikita Scherbak's (#95) (26th, 1st, 2014) ridiculous goal versus Tri-City. Scherbak has 23 goals and 45 assists for 68 points in 49 games this year.

Top 10 Evgeni Nabokov Saves

Evgeni Nabokov officially announces retirement from NHL. Nabokov built a strong career over 14 seasons in the NHL, beating long odds to make it and longer ones to excel. He spent 10 years with the Sharks, appearing in a club-record 563 games. He racked up 293 wins, also a club record, to go along with a .912 save percentage and 2.39 goals-against average and franchise-best 50 shutouts in teal. Here´s The Top 10 Saves by Evgeni Nabokov as a San Jose Shark.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Of Miracles And Men ESPN 30 For 30

The story of one of the greatest upsets in sports history has been told. Or has it? On a Friday evening in Lake Placid, New York, a plucky band of American collegians stunned the vaunted Soviet national team, 4-3 in the medal round of the 1980 Winter Olympic hockey competition. Americans couldn't help but believe in miracles that night, and when the members of Team USA won the gold medal two days later, they became a team for the ages.

But there was another, unchronicled side to the "Miracle On Ice." The so-called bad guys from America's ideological adversary were in reality good men and outstanding players, forged into the Big Red Machine by the genius and passion of Anatoli Tarasov. There was a reason they seemed unbeatable, especially after routing the Americans in an exhibition the week before the Winter Games began. And there was a certain shame in them having to live the rest of their lives with the results of Feb. 22, 1980.

In the 30 for 30 film "Of Miracles and Men," director Jonathan Hock ("The Best That Never Was" and "Survive and Advance") explores the scope of the "Miracle on Ice" through the Soviet lens. His intense focus on the game itself gives it renewed suspense and a fresh perspective. But the journey of the stunned Soviet team didn't begin -- or end -- in Lake Placid.

The Summerside Western Capitals Lip-Dub of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off"

The Summerside Western Capitals have been going through a tough stretch of 2-5 in their last seven games and are in a tough playoff race in the Meek Division. The Western Capitals have a little fun going into this weekend as they hit the road to face the Valley Wildcats on Saturday night, and the Truro Bearcats on Sunday afternoon. Check out the video of the Caps performing a Lip-Dub to Taylor Swift's song "Shake It Off"

Friday, February 6, 2015

NHL Analytics Tracking of 8U Hockey Players

A cutting-edge NHL analytics team puts the test to youth hockey for the first time ever.

Founded in 1936, USA Hockey is the National Governing Body for the sport of ice hockey in the United States. Its mission is to promote the growth of hockey in America and provide the best possible experience for all participants. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, USA Hockey is the official representative to the United States Olympic Committee and the International Ice Hockey Federation. In this role, USA Hockey is responsible for organizing and training men's and women's teams for international tournaments, including the IIHF World Championships and the Olympic Winter Games.

Mid-air, 360 ice hockey stickhandling trick (Mighty Ducks 2)

While Brad Perry was an advisor and stuntman on Mighty Ducks II, he was asked to come up with a move that had never been seen before. They deleted the scene but a lot of the players he has coached around the country have asked to see it, so here it is. This was a trick created for a fictitious children's hockey movie. Do not attempt anything like this trick in your hockey games, as it may result in a penalty, you being cut from your team or getting killed.

Dogs and cats & amazing hockey oil paintings

Do Something - A Leafs Parody - Steven Ryan

This Parody was written by die hard but honest leafs fans. Parody Lyrics by: Steven Branchaud & Tyler Smiley with help from Shanon Smiley and Kelly Benstead Check out Steven Ryan's Original music at

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Beautiful goal from a minor league player in Germany

Lander gets stick caught in referee's visor

Edmonton Oilers forward Anton Lander chases after a puck along the boards and accidentally gets his hockey stick caught in the visor of the referee.