Friday, February 3, 2012

Preview to Crashed Ice Valkenburg / See Red Bull Valkenburg live!

Valkenburgs track for the weekend. (click for bigger size)
Watch the weekends crashed ice live from RedBullTV February 4 | 
5.00PM LONDON | 6.00PM CET | 7.00PM FINLAND | 9.00PM MOSCOW (no daylight saving)

You can watch the event also from YLE | Urheilu (Finnish commentary, might be blocked outside of Finland) Live broadcast starts 7:45PM. 

Crashed Icen Valkenburgin osakilpailu livenä lauantaina RedBullTV:ssä klo 19:00 alkaen, tai YLE | Urheilun nettisivuilla (Suomeksi) alkaen 19:45.

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