Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beyond the Puck. Episode 3: Munster Dad

3th Episode: Munster Dad

Andrew Ference, an eco-warrior and NHL hockey player, offers a rare glimpse into his sustainable lifestyle in the new 10-episode web series Beyond the Puck.

But he is not your typical hockey player. Andrew's an environmental activist, a Stanley Cup champion, the husband of a former professional snowboarder, and father of two girls. He rides his bike to “work” and doesn’t mind being called a tree hugger — he’s just as comfortable checking opponents on the ice as he is teaching kids about composting in elementary schools.

Inspired by his friend, environmentalist David Suzuki, Andrew has embraced an eco-friendly way of life at home and on the road. He’s achieved the ultimate victory in hockey — winning the Stanley Cup — and is ready take on the challenge of inspiring others to care about the planet.

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