Monday, December 21, 2015

Canucks Christmas Rap featuring Ben Hutton and Jake Virtanen

Happy Holidays from the Vancouver Canucks! Ben Hutton and Jake Virtanen star alongside musicians Arielle Tuliao, Clay Imoo and Marie Hui in this Canucks themed Christmas Rap video.

Honey Badger don’t care, has no time for kittens
Dorsett and Prust you know they love their hittin’

Vrbata and Burrows flying down the wings
These are a few of my favourite Canucks things

Let’s do this! Come on!
Merry Christmas, Vancity, from your girl AJ
And my parody team Marie & Clay
You know we doling out the hits like Prust and Sbisa
Even if our lyrics are a little chees-a

Now we’re talking about our fav Canucks things
(Clay): I love to make music (Marie): And I love to sing!
We bleed blue and green, we trust the Sedins,
And above it all believe in sixteen

We know the future’s bright with Hutton and Virtanen
We’ll see shining red lights when they put McCann in!
Even Vrby got a goal with .2 left
That’s my favourite thing, they just don’t quit!

So believe in the blue ‘cause we are all Canucks
Burr and Bo and all the boys depend on us
Let’s blue out the crowd and make Rogers loud
And make the boys proud to play for this!

When the buzzer
Ends a tough game
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite Canucks things
And then I don't feel so bad

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